Have a taste for steel

... although today is focused mainly at modern and information technologies, metals and products made of them are still indivisible part of our lives. We can meet them even in places, where they would not have occurred so often in the past. For example, modern architecture without steel will not do. The gastronomic magic of chefs emerges from stainless steel made appliances and even many industrial products are not only fulfilling its purpose, but it has as well its beauty because of its construction from steel and metals. Steel itself, without our greater interest, is blending with our lives and we take it as matter of course. In spite of this, it is a material we cannot do without and on which we rely when we need its resistance, hardness or long durability.

We in GRADIENT have with steel special relation, because we know how long and intriguing is its journey from ore mining till final steel product. We know the raw materials the steels is made of, we know the channels of raw materials from mines to the steel plants, we know how the steel is made and finally we know where we can meet with it. Production of steel is long and diverse process. The raw materials often undertake literally global journey before they become a steel and ends up in hands of final user.

Ferroalloys and metals we deliver to our customers, are something like spices of a steel. Just because of them, the steel is strong, hard, resilient, flexible or for example weldable or stainless. Because of the ferroalloys, the steel obtains the characteristics which enables us to shape many other metal materials, the strength of steel protects us when we travel in cars or enables a big aircraft take-offs and landings as the undercarriage lags carries hundreds tons of weight.

O nás

Each time you will be holding in your hands something made of steel, remember how long process this product had to undertake before it becomes the item you are just holding.

Have a taste for steel... :-)

Tomáš Rendla, CEO